The Next Person With Credit Problems Got Their First Credit Card Today!

One of the focus areas of my information is the absolute necessity of changing the way a person thinks about money and debt while in the process of repairing their credit. I have seen cases where a couple will work really hard for months, and finally get their credit report to the place they can borrow again and go out and buy something on credit just because they can. And I relate so strongly, because I was there at one time.

If in fact there are 40 - 70 million people with credit problems severe enough to prevent them from getting credit, that tells me there is a tremendous paradigm of debt in the United States. Think of it like this: 1 out of every 12 people you meet or know has experienced (or is experiencing) severe financial problems that they are very likely still dealing with.

As near as I can tell, this 40 - 70 million group of people stays fairly constant over time, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing, but it tells us a story. And as I was thinking about it, I realized some young person with this debt mentality got their first credit card today. And thinking back on how that felt, the potential of buying anything you want (up to $500) by just handing over your card is a real rush. But the fact remains: if the debt mentality isn't addressed, that young person has just became a part of that 40 - 70 million person pool 10 years from now. Kinda sobering, isn't it?

Rich Toops started and to make the information available to people who wanted to get out of the credit/debt cycle. What became obvious is credit report repair only addresses the visible part of a deeper issue which is the way people THINK and FEEL about money and spending. If the thinking dosen't change, the next credit collapse and repair cycle is only a matter of time.